About Me

I was made in England & raised in NYC; an author and artist working in a variety of media. My words and images often reference pop and mass culture. My books are loaded with humor and life observations delivered by way of a few words and bold, rendered panels. Through use of fluid lines and a classic visual style, I try and create a world where light-heartedness rules. With a sweet subtle approach, I hope to excite you, please you and broaden your imagination and sense of what children’s books and comic book art can be.

I’m Drew – Author, Artist/Illustrator & Graphic Designer. My work has been published in The New York Times Op Ed & Sunday Book Review, exhibited at MoCCAfest, sold to collectors, through bookstores and featured in the Joe Boxer Swim, Sleepwear and Outerwear brands.

I currently live and work in New York.

Portrait Of Artist At Work ©Drew Gold 2009, 2016. All Rights Reserved.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Your blog looks really cool! I’m a comic fan and I just starting drawing my own mini comics. I’m not an artistry any means, but I love them so much that I had to try! I’ll definitely be following you and congrats on your success.

    -Ayana xx

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