Ol One Eye

No one wants to see you practicing naked yoga, especially the person behind you. Remember: Yoga pants? Awesome! No yoga pants? Not so awesome.

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Go To Hellth

Ready for a change? Do your research and make a plan that sets you up for success. Careful planning definitely means smoking a lot of weed. Remember: Take things one step at a time.

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Paintings Post

I always enjoy working on lots of stuff at once, but I don’t post these very often. Here’s are some off-the-cuff stuff paintings. I’ll be making prints available on Strathmore Fine Art paper soon.




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Party Clown

Why be bullshitting when kids thrive on honesty? Remember: That hard, cold taste of reality is just what those little buggers need nowadays… keeps ’em flying straight!

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Getting fired can be traumatic, even if you’re expecting it, so don’t say or do certain things if you are let go. You know what I’m talking about. Anyway, you’ll get no help from anyone here. The Bee is running things for a few weeks, see? He threatened to quit if we didn’t let him direct a few episodes too. Asshole Bee. His first strip airs this Friday.

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Dear Abbee

To think that a simple, non-invasive 10 minute procedure‎ will change any republica– I mean Bee’s life is amazing! I’m betting that bigger dicks will lead to less guns.

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