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High On Life

You don’t need krokodil, whoonga, bath salts, flakka, AH-7921, crystal meth, heroin (pronounced heron), scopolamine or purple drank to find fulfillment in everyday life. You can just light up a bowl of life cereal into a bong or pipe! Mikey likes it.

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A Little Q&A

Here’s a little Q&A all about Yours Truly. There’s lots of stuff brewing. I’m still sorting out the best 101 strips for a Motivational Housecat anthology. Hombre Secreto has crept back into my life, so stay tuned for more noir art. Plus, I know we all can’t wait to see Payasito The Inappropriate Kids Party Clown have another sit-down with Bobblehead.

Hollar at me here, or instagram. @fuzzy_poet

Q: Why did you decide to make another book?

A: Because I’m really loving what I’m doing. The feedback has been super positive and it was time to put on a good show… by putting the best strips all in one place.

Q: Have you seen any good movies or series?

A: I thought Spiderman Multiverse was brilliant, but it hasn’t affected my art one way or the other. Peaky Blinders and Wu Tang are awesome.

Q: Are all words and drawings by Drew Gold alone?

A: I have an editor out in California, and we bounce ideas off each other all the time. I’ve offered to give him a writing credit, but he wants to just live in anonymity. He doesn’t draw anything, though.

Q: There’s a new book in the works. Where is the book being made?

A: I’m happy to say that I’m working with Comixology/Amazon on this one. Their channel(s) of distribution are great and they don’t have my kind of art style represented on their platform. It could be an interesting ride, if it’s designed and promoted the right way.

Q: Are you able to describe the texture or the feel of your comix in a few words?

A: It’s sophisticated lowbrow art for the discerning masses. It’s silly, absurd, chaotic, irrational, unreasonable and un-factual.

Someone called Motivational Housecat “crumbtastic”. I’ll take that compliment, but as a kid I was always more interested in what Gilbert Shelton and Dave Sheridan were doing. I got into Crumb much later. Wild guy. Great imagination and technique.

Bail Money 2

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Q: What is your home equipment (in some detail)?

A: Paper, pencils, Sharpies, white paint, a computer and an iPad.

Q: How long will the book take to complete?

A: I’m planning on releasing it on the Amazon platform first. That’s the fastest way to get it out to the public. Their printer did a great job with Life Beyond The Pack. That was my Children’s book about a sweet little dog named Ghira. It’s in paperback and free Kindle editions.

Q: Did you like the Beatles?

A: Great band. Here’s an autographed album I have from The Lads: “To Andrew from The Beatles”. A friend purchased it for me when I was 19. Glad I held onto this.


Q: Assuming this is a very big book, will you do another?

A: Most certainly. I know the strip is quirky, but I’d love for it to blow up and I think there’s room for it out there. People literally write me and thank me for doing the strip! It’s very cool to get that kind of response from people.

Q: What are your plans now? A vacation? Retirement?

A: I’m going to be enjoying living a debt free/credit card-free life. I’m not getting sucked into any “buy this and fulfill your dreams while getting cash back” bullshit. It’s a scam. That’s how they make you a slave for life. Seriously- if you’ve got debt, find a way out. Get rid of stuff you don’t need, take a loan and pay it all off. You’ll sleep better.



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