S’matta? Cat got your tongue?

Bail Money 2

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Lies, Deceit and Coffee

Coffee doesn’t stunt your growth and it won’t cause dehydration; it’s flavored water. Coffee only delays sleep by 1 hour and will not keep you up at night. Coffee will not sober you up, so drink responsibly. Unless you’re a rabid MAGA guy… you all are free to drink yourself to life on the other side.

Lies, Deceit and Coffee DG.jpg

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Up To Me

As you spin out of control politically, socially and cosmically, fear not: Things will either get much worse or better.

Up To Me DG

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Air Fresheners

They may smell nice but the harmful effects air fresheners have on our health and the environment are shocking. So the next time you hit that deer and stuff it in your trunk to bury it upstate, perhaps you should think about calling that life quits. Order yourself a nice plate of egg noodles and ketchup. Mangia!

Air Fresheners DG

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