An Invite For Anything

I broke away from my old gig last summer. I knew things were rock-bottom bad with the company and it had taken a toll on me; personally and professionally. I witnessed what years of bad business practices did to my immediate superiors and my colleagues in the trenches with me.

My fears were validated during my LOA (that’s a Leave of Absence) when I received the call from HR saying my position (and many, many others) were being immediately phased out. “Business is, ah, difficult”, said Bob. The office itself scheduled to be shuttered July 15th.

Onward and Upward. I’m loving my life. It’s full of challenges. I’m enjoying myself for the first time in years. Like others before me, I started my own company. I am consulting and art directing, creating amazing/fun products again. Projects are varied. I’m also lettering comics on the side- a lifelong passion! The convention scene has been kind to me. Seeds are sown and all my problems are very good ones to have.

So here is an offer to my friends, new and old: Invite me to anything. I have the time. Coffee, comics, drinks. If it doesn’t conflict with Karate or family engagements, I’ll be there.

Lets talk.

-Drew Gold

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Brushes of The Silver Age

Introducing Brushes of The Silver Age


I grew up reading and admiring the comics produced in the 60’s and 70’s. They’re still awesome for good reasons- Great art, great stories. One master artist comes to mind, you know the guy who basically created everything!…

So I wanted to pay homage to the past and offer up something original- handdrawn entirely from scratch- and would also work in a modern comic book maker’s toolkit. I literally spent YEARS drawing these for personal projects. Knowing that most people don’t have the time to create realistic brushes for drawings much less dedicate their time to replicating the look of a by-gone era, Creative Tools 4 Artists has heard you once again!

Brushes of The Silver Age includes:
*This is a HUGE 50 custom brush set covering stylized linework, funky feathering brushes, shading brushes and (of course) inks. This is not a set of scanned “IP-Protected” artwork  from another artist. Each and every brush in this set was drawn from scratch and tries to capture the flavor of the era. I’m really proud of these brushes ’cause they can give you that “Silver Age” look and so much more!

Some of the brushes take a little getting used to, so be sure to play with line weight and adjust the angle of your stroke accordingly

Brushes available for Adobe Illustrator CS4-CC

Ready to purchase? Just click here.

Creative Tools 4 Artists, by an Artist

Creative Tools 4 Artists, by an Artist

After 20 years of creating graphics and designs for clients like the NY Times (and many other mags), private collectors and Joe Boxer Swim, Sleep and Outerwear brand of clothes, I am offering my go-to custom brushes, actions and patterns to my fellow Artists.

The Fuzzy Poet Shop on Creative Market is now open for business. The shoppe is filled to the brim with custom-created, tried and true digital design tools like brushes, pens and patterns for your personal and professional use!

I originally created these Adobe Illustrator vector brushes and patterns for use on my own work, and I hope they work for other creative people as well. If you’re using a tablet, you can get a nice hand-drawn “imperfect” feel. All the brushes are pressure sensitive, and they seem very natural to me.

I started releasing the Illustrator tools first, because I feel like it’s been such an overlooked program, and it deserves decent art media, dangit! So, the design tools with work with Illustrator Versions for CS6 on up to CC.

Here’s a little taste of what the shop has to offer fellow artists:

Thanks for looking and if you have any questions or comments please drop me a line.

Best regards,


Fishboned Poster

Just added to the Fuzzy Poet Webshop! Super oversized 13″x19″ Giclee print on Photo Luster (Glossy) Paper with the bold art you’ve come to love and expect. We really love this print!

See you in the funny papers 😉


Fishboned Poster ©2016 Drew Gold. All rights reserved.

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