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First off, it’s dirt fucking cheap to support an artist. It costs exactly $1.00 a month. You can’t generally buy dick with $1 a month. Second, you help make it all happen. You get free stuff, from digital sketches to original pieces. Support a little or a lot, it’s up to you.
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Can you believe that there are almost 600 strips online? Thank you to all who like, share, comment and vibe with the strip. Spread the love and send a strip to someone absurd as you 😉
Oh, yea- if you ever need a dog-sitter, y’know… get in touch.


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Happy and Hellthy 2020!

Happy and Hellthy New Year to you all! Ring it in right and don’t forget to let a little Housecat into your lives in 2020.
Also- Much love and thanks to all who like, share and follow Professor Meow Meow and The Angry Bee.  
See you in the New Year.


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Busy As A Bee

This may or may not bee a true upper east side story. Probably no photos of the toothbrush were ever sent a week later. Definitely probably not.

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