Don’t live your life out in doldrum. Get out and shine!

To all of you in the States- have a Happy 4th of July!

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“…I was in bad need of a shave and so I slopped at the corner on cold chow mein and shot billiards with a midget until the rain stopped”- Tom Waits, Shore Leave

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#402: My Pee

You can actually drink too much water, which will make your urine almost colorless. Go easy on your kidneys. Just a little friendly advice from The Professor.


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#398: I Did A Push-Up Today

Got to maintain, sez The Professor.
EDIT: People were commenting on Meow Meow’s arm looking funny. That’s what I get when I hand the inking duties over to The Bee. I’ve been training him to take over the strip after I am gone. Obviously, he messed up. I’ve taken the time to correct his work.
Enjoy the new arm!

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