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Hey Friends. Drew here. I do FREE giveaways on my Instagram account. Here’s are pics of the last one- I sent a 26 page 100#Offset coloring book, a graphic tee and a ton of stickers to a fan in Mexico! No shipping costs. Zero. These giveaways are 100% free for just liking and following my IG account.

FYI: The next giveaway is at 1500 followers (I’m at 1171 today). I hope you will check out my feed and follow along. I think you’ll like what you see. It’s not just about the Housecat 

See you there,


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Dead Rockstar Portrait Series

I wanted to say hi to all my friends, family, fans. It’s been long time since I’ve been able to sit and write- totally off the cuff. First, I want to thank you for the likes and comments. Keep those comments coming, btw! I read each one and I do reply.

So I was thinking about what this post could be about and then, I thought to myself.

I said, “Self? You should take a breather from the Motivational Housecat!™ and let your friends know about the new work. Not the secret agent thing, the portraits. “The portraits?”, I responded.

And so so I will.

I think you’ll dig these. I’m working on portraits of my musical heroes who have gone on to the big jam session in the sky. Yes, they are available to purchase if you wish, but I did want to post them here for your enjoyment. I think it would be a cool intermission from The Cat.

Without further ado, the “Portraits”. Included are Elliott Smith, William Burroughs, Prince, John Lennon (2x), Harry Nilsson, Bob Marley, Tom Petty, George Harisson, David Bowie, Nick Drake, Lou Reed, Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix.

More portraits added soon. Commissions accepted (DM me).

Cheers one and all!




Funky & Fuzzy Wall Banner

Greetings Friends,

I made this one up especially for the MoCCAfest2017 con, but never posted it here. I like to keep the blog alive. I do appreciate your feedback and read every comment left here.

Even the weird ones. It’s all part of the gig 😉

MoCCA 2017 DG Banner
©2017 Drew Gold

MoCCAfest 2017

#MoCCAfest2017 was a great time!Thank you to all my friends, fans and supporters who stopped by the table to say hi and purchase Fuzzy merch. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again next year and I will post new convention updates as they happen.

In the meantime, you can see more of my artwork daily on Instagram and get the latest Fuzzy Poet T-shirts at The Fuzzy Poet Artist Shop on Threadless. You won’t find a better T for $20. But I digress.

Thanks again & I hope to hear from you soon.


*Photos courtesy of Amrei Gold Photography, ©2017 Amrei Gold. All rights Reserved.