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I’m a Ninja

Straight from a hospital bed we present “Way Of The Bee” for the first time along with The 4.5 Deadly Secrets of Killer “BEE-FU”. Banned in most civilized countries, “BEE-FU” can teach you how to destroy attackers with ancient secrets. Plus, there is plenty of sneaking and skulking around… all ninja-like.

I'm a Ninja DG.jpg

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Taxi Bee

The Bee 1974, New York City. He had just been discharged from the Marines. He was lonely, walking on the edge of a razor and lit to pop.

Taxi Bee DG

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A New Beginning

Find yourself trapped in a bad situation? You’ve got what it takes to get up, walk away and make a fresh start. Or stay. Either way, the choice is yours and yours alone to make.

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