Housecat Promo Take 23

I love making these promos and I can definitely see these being fully animated 12 minute clips at some point. I just have to learn more about animation or partner up with someone looking to create some bugged out shit.


I Ran Out Of Weed

I wonder what The Angry Bee is going to do now? Weed is the only thing that keeps him pain-free and mellow.

I Ran Out Of Weed DG.jpg

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My Own Strip

The Bee’s entire life can be characterized by long-term exaggerated feelings of self-importance, the need for admiration, and a lack of empathy towards other bee’s. What an ahole.

The Mind

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Ol One Eye

No one wants to see you practicing naked yoga, especially the person behind you. Remember: Yoga pants? Awesome! No yoga pants? Not so awesome.

Ol One Eye DG.jpg

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Paintings Post

I always enjoy working on lots of stuff at once, but I don’t post these very often. Here’s are some off-the-cuff stuff paintings. I’ll be making prints available on Strathmore Fine Art paper soon.




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