Turn Right!

Let loose. Do the unexpected. Remember all those fun things you used to do as a kid? Jump into the pile of leaves! Or make a splash in the deep end with your clothes on! Life is short. Make it memorable and make it funny.

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SVA’s Makers Market 2017

Even though I got sick as dog, I had a great time at #SVAMakersMarket2017. The space was great and was filled with super-talented alums showing what they do best. Here are a few choice pix from my setup. Enjoy!

-Drew/Fuzzy Poet

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Live! Go crazy. Free your soul and enjoy all that life has to offer.

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Don’t be the roadblock to your own success. Trust yourself and follow your plan(s) to completion. You can do it & nobody does it like you! And always remember to embrace your uniqueness, it’s there for a reason!

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That Happy Place

I’m finally all caught up with the next 14 days of Motivational Housecat!™ strips.

Someone once said that it is human nature to blame someone else for your shortcomings or upsets. Don’t do that. Take stock of yourself. Work hard on changing into the better person you want to be.

“It’s never too late to admit you were an a-hole”- The Angry Bee

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