Retiring The Blog

The time has come, my friends. In an effort to consolidate and fine tune I came to the realization that the Fuzzy Poet site is no longer needed. Posting here was becoming redundant.

I believe I’m paid through August on the blog, so you can still hang here and vibe with older posts. New strips will be posted to and will still be the place for awesome new Fuzzy Poet posters, zines and other cool assorted eye candy.

For those that did, thanks for following along. Stay safe. Drop me a line on the other sites.


Stay Connected

These are crazy times filled with uncertainty. COVID-19 (coronavirus) is not a hoax as some idiots in the media would have you believe. It has severely impacted tens of thousands of lives already and left many people around the globe home-bound in an attempt to limit the threat of the virus.
While Social distancing is one of many necessary precautions to take, being kept at home (being isolated) is never easy unless you’re an only child like me and can find things to keep yourself busy and productive.
Here are a few ideas from your good ol’ Fuzzy Poet, Professor Meow Meow and The Angry Bee to help you through this health crisis:
• Are you the creative type? Spend some time making art. Up your skill-set and browse tutorials to try out some new techniques. Make a zine. Document your time in quarantine.
• Get inspired by stories, poetry, and more! Watch your favorite series on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or Disney.
• Visit a virtual art gallery. Many museums have VR experiences to offer all the best exhibits right from your computer chair!
• If you are faced with the challenge of running a business, now may be a great time to re-think your marketing strategies. Start by creating a promo video- reach out to your base. Connect. Share.
• If you’re in need of ideas on what to create, you can also try an idea generator!
• Reach out to your friends, family and colleagues. Let them know you are thinking of them. Leave a comment on a friend’s profile; call or text someone to let them know you were thinking of them.
It’s so important for all of us to band together and celebrate our shared passions, and get in tune with what makes us all similar rather than different.
Follow your local government’s health and safety guidelines. If you are unable to work due to the quarantine, demands of social distancing, etc. check your local government’s unemployment assistance program and call your HR dept. for any updates on time away.
VERY IMPORTANT: Take the time to thank those working overtime in the health sector (think Dr.’s and especially Nurses) as well as those cooking those delicious meals you’ve been ordering through GrubHub!
Even you or I can be a source of strength and inspiration for others. Supporting others, especially those less fortunate than you or I is especially important. Even the simple act of asking how someone’s day is going can make all the difference.
Stay safe and keep in touch. Definitely read Motivational Housecat! Have fun! Respect “the bubble”, wash your hands, and be prepared.
PS: Don’t be the dickhead who hoards all the toilet paper and tries to flip it on Amazon for a 600% profit. That’s a punchable offense and we have enough Martin Shkreli’s in the world already.
Drew, Professor Meow Meow and The Angry Bee
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Fart Gambler

“It’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game.”-The Angry Bee

The Fart Won

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No Time

Have goals, but don’t be hasty. Always put off today what can be done the day after tomorrow.

Be The Alcohol

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Turns out you *can’t* enter Australia with a criminal record. Who knew? That used to be the only way to get there! Let’s hope The Bee is honest and answers everything truthfully.

Fresh Air

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The Artist

The Bee is like a flying pillow stuffed with crippling neuroses and rampant self-loathing. But he can be funny, too. Not ha ha funny, more like pathetic funny, but he’s guaranteed to make you laugh. And self-reflect. I am me and he is Bee and we are all together.

Fresh Air

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Oh man! What has Our Bee got himself into now? Did all those drugs that Jimmy told him not to take finally turn his mind into mush? Will we have a new strip on Monday? Stay tuned, dear readers.


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