Motivational Housecat (The Duck Comics Review)

“Meet the wonderful, enlightening calico cat that is here to serve a daily dose of positivity every day.”


“Motivational Housecat is exactly what the world needs right now. Find yourself in a funk? Motivational Housecat will give you a friendly reminder that you are Awesome and that “You Got This!”. The comic strip along with the inspiring words by the comic’s creator, Drew Gold, are certainly worth reading to help you through a difficult challenge… Open your heart with an open mind and let this little cat brighten your day by reading Motivational Housecat by Drew Gold, rated E (for Everyone)!”

#348: Portrait Of A Young Bee

The Angry Bee was falsely institutionalized in 1983. All he wanted was a Pepsi but his mom wouldn’t give it to him and instead, sent him to a state-run mental facility. Please like and share to Free The Bee and don’t ever ask your mother for a Pepsi.


©2018 Drew Gold. All Rights Reserved.

#345: I Like You

Surround yourself with as many or as few people as you like. It’s your life. Just make sure they are all the type to be there for you come rain or shine.

I Like You

©2018 Drew Gold. All Rights Reserved.