All About Fuzzy Poet

Hi, I’m Drew, creator of the webcomic “Motivational Housecat!™” starring Professor Meow Meow and her best friend The Angry Bee. The enlightening calico cat and bumblebee duo serve a dose of positivity and absurdity every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

There are over 500+ strips in circulation; published on Amazon, Instagram, The Duck Comics, WordPress, Ello and Facebook. Sold at Threadless, Etsy and Redbubble.

Take a moment to look through the gallery and visit me on Instagram @Fuzzy_Poet for daily art updates! Be sure to turn on notifications to get all the latest posts and thanks for all the love and support!

Oh yea- if you like what you see, join the mailing list at and consider becoming a Patron for only $1.00 a month!

For wordpress Prof Meow Meow.jpg©2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Andrew Gold. World rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “All About Fuzzy Poet

  1. Your blog looks really cool! I’m a comic fan and I just starting drawing my own mini comics. I’m not an artistry any means, but I love them so much that I had to try! I’ll definitely be following you and congrats on your success.

    -Ayana xx

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