Almost Normal Comics Review of Fuzzy Poet

Almost Normal Comics is a small press publisher focused on indie comics and zines. Here is their wonderful review of Fuzzy Poet. Many thanks and a big tip of my newsboy cap to WEE for making it happen!!!

Here’s the review:

Fuzzy Poet by Drew is a mostly 3-panel, B&W comic zine series (although there are some full color one-shots too!) written and drawn by Drew Gold

Drew’s Fuzzy Poet is a fun comic loaded with life observations delivered by way of “The Angry Bee” and a loving dog known as “The Fuzzy Poet!” An assortment of other odd characters make appearances in the various issues as Drew treats us to tales about flies in disguise, the ever forward march of time, pi, and other surreal subjects!

Drew’s bold and whimsical art is the real hook here. His prowess as an artist is on full display in each issue of this series, and it comes as no surprise that his work has graced the pages of The New York Times, Sunday Book Review, and many other publications.

With few words and wonderfully rendered panels Drew manages to grab the reader’s attention and pull them into the fantastical minicomic world that is The Fuzzy Poet!”

You can visit  Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at

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